Raffle Information


We use Zeffy (A Not-For-Profit Payment Processor) for purchases and donations. Use the form below.  Zeffy, automatically adds a default 18% to the file price to fund Zeffy.  You may select “Other’ and put in your own amount to support Zeffy (or not, it’s your choice) for allowing us to use their technology for raffles and other donation methods at no cost to the Lodge. We hope you will support them as you support us.

Select how many raffle tickets you would like, then if you would like to give an additional Donation to the Lodge. 100% off all the money on the first page will go towards the Lodge.

Once complete hit Select and fill out your contact information. At the bottom you will see the following example:

The “Add a contribution to keep the platform we use 100% free!” area that money does not go to the lodge, which goes to help support Zeffy. You can choose your own amount to give or choose to not give at all to them.